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Many companies like to hide behind a privately registered domain or don't provide a contact number or email address. I welcome you to contact me directly with any concerns that you have.

Brent Ballentyne owner
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*We operate out of a warehouse facility and in order to keep costs low we cannot allow customer pickups. Local customers please order online, this is the quickest service we can provide.


In 2015, Brent Ballentyne along with the help and support of his older brother Daryl (creator of launched It used to be that you'd have to spend alot of money to get a good quality product, or be cheap and get crap. That's where PoorBoySupplements saves the day. Offering a name brand selection at BlowOut Prices! PoorBoySupplements is built on a foundation of a humble beginning and a deep routed commitment to customer service.

Through it all, and as we continue to grow, we have not, nor will we forget that is has been the loyalty of our customers (both old and new) word of mouth and friendship that has brought us our success. That is why, with a commitment to customer service, value and affordably priced supplements, we remain your "PoorBoy" choice for all your SUPPLEMENT needs!